Project-Based Learning is a pedagogy of teaching and learning where students engage complex questions, often collaboratively, and share their learning with an audience. It’s much more than an activity tacked on to the end of a unit—these projects drive the learning.


Project-Based Learning provides students endless opportunities for problem solving, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Students are engaged and motivated because they have choice in and responsibility for their learning. PBL gives students the freedom to use their God-give gifts and abilities to impact their communities in meaningful way.

“Overall, my participation in the PBL residency is a week I will never forget. I not only learned about PBL, but I was able to meet and work with other wonderful Christian educators. I want to say thank you for the work you put into this course, and hope that I can continue to learn more next year. Blessings!”

PBL Residency Participant 2015

Students learn to be articulate

21st Century skills are everywhere

Projects break barriers between traditional subjects

It is relational and collaborative

Authentic student activity mirrors, in many ways, what adults do

Problem solving carries the day

Students are producers, not consumers

Many projects go beyond the classroom and have a community connection

Students’ unique gifts are utilized and developed

“Very intense, focused activities that we can corporate right into our teaching. Very inspiring and encouraging. Loved meeting other teachers from other schools, and all being part of a caring community.”

PBL Residency Participant 2015