Project Description


How can the things that are the same and different between us bring us all together?


Students will gain a knowledge and awareness of the world around them. They will gain connection with the world around them through personal communication with a penpal in a foreign country. To launch this project, students will watch videos of the lives of children in other countries and listen to a missionary speaker share stories and pictures of her experience with children in Uganda. Students will work in groups to brainstorm what kinds of questions they would like to ask their penpals to better understand their lives. Students will learn how to write a letter and then get feedback from peers. While waiting for a response from their penpal, students will be able to research in groups different aspects of the country they are from to gain a better understanding of their country. Once the letters come back, students will then be able to compare a day in their own life to that of their penpal – what do they have in common, what is different about their lives? With this information they will be able to write a compare and contrast paragraph, and then create their art project and gift for their penpal.


Through this project students will grow in the knowledge that we are different but are all created in God’s image. We are all unique and have value and created in love. Students will grow in empathy towards other’s and learn that even though somebody else’s world is a little different than theirs, they are the same in many ways and connected through being children of God. Students will learn to value diversity and accept differences of others who might be a bit different than them. Students will learn that though they are separated by country, religion, language, and culture, they can still connect and be friends with someone. Students will learn how to celebrate and appreciate other’s differences and through the process hopefully gain a friend.