Project Description


How do invasive species impact my life and what can I do about this?


Launch: Guest speaker will discuss the issue of invasive species and provide background regarding current concerns in the Metro Vancouver region.

Learners will have the opportunity to see for themselves the impacts of invasive species through a visit to an affected area which can include service in removal of the invasive and /or restoration of the native habitat. Learners will in pairs choose one invasive species to examine the introduction of these species by humans, adaptations that allow them to thrive, reasons why they are classified as invasive, negative impacts they make on the local environment, potential benefits to some organisms in the local environment and ways that they as teens can effect change. Learners will develop multimedia presentations to increase awareness of the issues and provide the audiences (school body, elementary school, community members) with some ways that they can do something in their community.


Through launch of guest speaker and neighbourhood service in clean up efforts, this project helps to make learners aware of the issue of invasive species and connect it to their community. In their product of a public service announcement or awareness campaign that they will share with the school body, local elementary schools and our neighbourhood, they can help to increase awareness to the greater public and pinpoint what others can do. This project reminds us that we are stewards of our planet, and gives ownership of that role to learners rather than allowing them to feel powerless.