Project Description


Can we lead our school in showing Christ’s love toward one another?


Based on Proverbs 25:11, students will look at ways to turn “anti-bully day” into something positive.  Students will work towards a presentation for chapel, such as a skit, memory work, or presenting a “Buddy Bench”. In preparation for the chapel, students will plan and pitch an idea to the admin for ordering a “Buddy Bench”. Students will choose the bench and decorate it.  Students will also design t-shirt logos to communicate the values of pink shirt day from a Christian perspective. Part of the discussions will be studying the interactions of the First Nations with European settlers and exploring what they can learn about the treatment of others from that context.  Possible activity is the “Blanket Exercise”.


This project addresses the ongoing issue of training students to treat others with love and kindness. It also fits with the school mission by giving direct training and strategies to help create a safe and nurturing learning environment.