Project Description


Who eats my garbage?


Students will begin their discovery about their environment and what happens to their food waste. Through their discovery students will identify a problem: if our garbage impacts the environment negatively, what can we do to change that? With teacher guidance, children will aspire to set in motion a composting program that will be enforced for all students. As a solution to the collected compost, children from the Kindergarten class will voice a letter of petition to the Municipal Hall requesting weekly compost pickup at our school’s location. In addition, children from the Kindergarten class will focus in on the types of compost that will generate organic matter that is required for healthy soil. Children will participate in generating healthy soil conditioner through a worm decomposition program in which they can feed the worms specific food waste items that are beneficial to rich soil production. Students will design a container suitable for worms and their soil production, and discuss the options of proposing their voted on building plan to have it built by a possible parent or community connection, or come up with a fundraising plan (with parent support) for the purchase of a suitable bin.


Our mission statement is: “Equipping students with a Christ-like character while nurturing their academic success.” This project is designed to help change the culture in our school from being consumers and wasteful citizens, to becoming good stewards of the environment that God has created and commanded us to care for: “then God blessed them and God said to them ’be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it’…” (Gen. 1:28 NKJV). This is one way that we can build a Christ-like character into our students by encouraging them through their own discovery, to see how their choices affect the world around them and those that live in it.