Project Description


How can we help people in our community understand bees?


Our school currently has two bee hives on the rooftop and a high school beekeeping club. One of the kindergarten teachers has expressed interest in a hive visit for her students, but we currently do not have the appropriate protective gear for her students.

My Science 9/10 Honours Accelerated students will be learning about honeybee genetics, evolution, breeding, reproduction, and the importance of bees in our community and in the world. This lines up perfectly with our BC Science curriculum. In order to gain some hands-on experience, students will be given a choice of either spending time helping out in our beekeeping club or planting bee friendly plants in our school gardens.

Students will be challenged to educate others in the community about the importance of bees and to learn to appreciate bees. They will begin by working on a workshop/presentation that we can use with our kindergarten students and/or students in other grades and in other schools.

Students will then be challenged with the opportunity to find ways to raise money in order to purchase veils to protect other during a future hive visit. Students will design, create, market, and sell a product that is either related to bees or made from the raw products (honey, beeswax) from our hives. Once we raise the money we need, we will use it to purchase bee veils that will serve as protection for our visitors.

Finally, my students will work as a group to create one cohesive final workshop/presentation on the importance of honeybees. They will present to the kindergarten class, in a school assembly, and to other visitors in our community.


The Big Idea behind this project is the idea of celebrating God as our creator and the biodiversity of life. Learning about bees and flowers will allow students to learn to take care of God’s creation and appreciate God’s design in creation.

Our school mission and vision is “Preparing students for a life of transformation and service through excellent Christ-centred education.” By doing this project with my Science class, students will have the opportunity to serve the community, beginning with their elementary classmates. They will learn to love God’s creation and respect living things.