Project Description


How do heroes influence my sense of morality and justice, and how do I impact my society?


For this project, students will be focusing on their individual perspectives of morality, dignity, and justice. They will be creating a topic that reflects upon how heroes (fictional, past, or present) impact the way they see and interact with communities, and how they can “pay it forward”. This will essentially be a reflective project where students can better understand themselves, their heroes, their community, and the needs of others they affect. Students will better understand their roles in society and their chance/ability to make a difference.


The CISVA theme this year is “I can do all things through Christ”. Our school motto is “Willing and Capable”. This project connects to both of these
statements. The students will be encouraged to reflect on their capability to do all they can, and their willingness to imitate someone they admire and look up to.
Students will also be able to serve others as they try to imitate their hero. They will focus on the idea of caring for the least and alienated. As Catholics, people of
religion, and educated and engaging citizens, the students worldviews and the worldviews of others will fully be a part of this project.