Project Description


How can you design your dream space?


Students will be challenged to design their “dream space”. They will be shown videos of tiny homes, or the most crazy designed space as a launch event to get them excited and interested. They will then brainstorm all different kinds of spaces they could design (bedroom, treehouse, sports room, music room, playground, etc.) and choose one that interests them. Students will learn math measurement skills to allow them to design and measure things to go into the blueprints for their space. Students will also brainstorm and come up with different experts and specialists that can come and help teach them how to design their space. I will place students into “critical friends” groups. These will be their groups throughout the project that they help and give continual feedback to. Students will also use descriptive writing skills to explain and describe their blue prints and their space. They will share this description with their kindergarten buddies during an open house. Students will also be encouraged to take it home and share with their parents (“you never know what your parents might let you design at home!”).


The vision of our school is to have each student feel valued, secure, and challenged to explore God, His creation, and their place in it. This project allows students to be creative and express their individual interests in their learning. Students will feel as though they each have potential and that their ideas and interests are valued and important. I also believe this project engages the minds of my students, and allows them to see the real world applications of measurement and how it can be used to further God’s kingdom work here on earth.