Project Description


What would our brains eat if they had choices?


Students and teacher’s lunches need to be vegetarian and egg free at my school. My grade one students have a difficult time in bringing well balanced lunches. I will begin with students receiving a letter from the brain stating it’s tired and malnourished and needs help in order to function properly. We will collaborate together and discuss what we should do. I will show them a video on the brain and what a healthy and non-healthy brain looks like. I will then bring in a nutrition expert to go over the new food guide to both students and parents. Students will keep a week long food/water and sleep log. I will bring in different type of foods for students to taste as we go through the sections of the various food groups.  Students will also play (in groups) card games of healthy and non healthy food options.  As a final project, students will be placed in groups of choice with three options-breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will need to make a plate that is different from group members but balanced. I will video tape the students final project with them explaining why they chose their specific items.


We speak about balance in the physical, mental/spiritual and social realms. When we eat with the brain in mind, we are able to achieve that balance and are then better able to share with others the health principles that are vital for longevity, family and community.