Project Description


How can we help people in developing countries address poverty in their own community?


The students will develop a product to sell at an entrepreneur fair. The profit created by the fair will be donated to create a micro-loan for an entrepreneur in a developing country. Inquiry will be sustained throughout the project through seven core questions.

  1. What is involved in the entrepreneurial process? Interviewing local small business owners in the surrounding area.
  2. What will I make? Determining a project idea and developing a prototype.
  3. How much will my product cost? Determining price per unit and a selling price which would generate a reasonable profit.
  4. Where can we get the money to make our product? Learning about loans, developing an investment pitch, and presenting that pitch in front of an authentic audience.
  5. What makes packaging appealing? Analyzing commercial packaging, developing an initial sketch, designing and producing packaging.
  6. How can we make people aware of our fair? Working in teams to develop and publish a variety of types of advertising.
  7. How has our money impacted an entrepreneur’s life? Receiving follow-up feedback from the entrepreneur benefited.


This project allows students to serve others through giving them the opportunity to earn money which can be used to provide the resources to enable a person in need to earn a livelihood. Through doing this, the students will understand that God blesses us with resources which enable us to bless others.