Project Description


What would make our playground spectacular?


As our school is engaged in the construction of a new building and the existing playground has been removed, this project is connected to the real world of the students. The students will get the chance to design the new playground using measurement, shapes, area and perimeter, ratio and proportion (scale), textures and planning elements. The students would research BC Ministry Safety Regulations, unique design elements for parks (possibly including a Skype interview with an architect or developer) and compare/decide by visiting nearby playgrounds. They will create a blueprint and a miniature model of their playground. Finally, they will persuade (speech/written) the school authorities to accept their blueprint and provide them a spectacular playground.


Our school’s mission is to create a safe and healthy environment for quality education which will easily connect to this project. Also, it allows students to serve others by providing them a new and improved play space.  This project will help them co-relate or inter-connect different subject areas with real world situations.