Project Description


How are the feelings of faith expressed in the Psalms?  How do we express feelings of faith?


In this project, students will exploring different types of Psalms and reacting to the emotions that are behind the words as the authors were faced with real life events. They will spend time looking at the poetic features of the Psalms, the purpose of the Psalms, and especially the different types of Psalms that God has provided for us.  In order to help them to understand that faith is emotional, students will be asked to create their own representation of faith by creating either a poem, song, art piece, artifact etc.  Students will also have the opportunity to speak to older members of their family (eg. parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle) in order to hear from them what their favourite Psalm is and why. As the unit progresses, various pastors will be asked for input/feedback by the students on questions they may have.  Students will have the opportunity to help each other and to offer encouragement and suggestions.  All of these pieces will be combined into a picture book. Each section will have a copy of the Psalm that was chosen to be studied, the art piece, poem, song, wordle etc. that represents it, and an explanation of the chosen representative piece.  Finally, this book will be bound and then presented to elderly members of a nearby senior’s home, as well as some younger students.


This project allows students to meaningfully connect to the Psalms and to gain a deeper appreciation how they can be used as a form of worship; why we, as Canadian Reformed people, sing them every Sunday; and why we see it as important to memorize them and sing them in our daily devotions. Through the Psalms, students will also be able to see how the Psalms are looking forward to Christ, to the time when a Saviour would come and redeem his covenant children.