Project Description


How can we be good friends?


The beginning days of kindergarten are very overwhelming for the little ones. They are constantly learning new ways of being in a foreign environment. One common theme and concern of the students and parents is: will I/my child have a friend? Meeting with parents in the first couple of weeks of school, parents frequently express a desire for their children to have quality relationships with their peers and express their children’s concerns or fears of not finding a friend. The great commandment Jesus tells us is to “love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and all your mind and with all your strength. The second being love your neighbour as yourself”. We are created for connection with the Lord and with others. It is an important part of life. The kindergarten student is very self-focused, moving on a continuum towards developing a heart for others. This project will help to define and frame the class environment for the year. Students will communicate with their peers to develop the ultimate play date for their class. This play date will be planned by the students with their peers in mind. Through examining some crucial elements of friendship, discussing what makes a good friend and activities that facilitate meaningful conversations, they will interact with each other in ways that demonstrates the love for others that Jesus commands of us in a more powerful, effective way.


Our school’s mission statement is to prepare students for a life of transformation and service through excellent, Christ-centred education. This project’s heart is grounded in God’s greatest commandment for His people. God is love. Faith works by love. Love precedes godly action. Love is an integral motivating piece. Service begins with thinking about others and putting them first. This project allows for ample opportunities to practice social responsibility within a biblical framework and foundation, and gain practical skills to help with future relationships.