Project Description


How can our PHE 11/12 students be great neighbors to the residents of a +55 age townhouse complex next door to our school?


Students will begin by participating in a joint activity with the residents of the complex, like bowling followed by refreshments.  The students will interview the residents in small groups and inquire about current health and activity levels and what activities they would like to participate in and/or learn.

Students will then discus various questions regarding health differences.  What does healthy living look like at 17 compared to 77? What are different nutrition requirements? What does aging well look like?  The students will then invite the residents to our school to interact through low impact exercises and activities that are student led. Health info sessions would also be presented: bone density, social benefits and mental health, opportunities in Abbotsford to stay active etc.  There could be two levels of exercise, based on the residents abilities: Level 1: balance, low impact aerobics and yoga, table tennis; Level 2: pickle ball and badminton.

Ideally this would grow to where the elderly residents would want to teach our students some activities which might be new to us and/or give our students a talk on wise/unwise health decisions over the years.  There is also the opportunity for this to become cross curricular: Art – jazzing up their garbage containers; Shop – fixing their front sign; Foods – nutrition help.


This project supports all three aspects of our school’s mission statement.  Nurturing hearts: love our neighbors, enjoy community, serve others. Engaging minds:  both groups can learn from one another regarding health and lifestyle issues and choices. Shaping God’s world: promoting being part of a healthy community.