Project Description


How can our teachers plan effective Flex Blocks to encourage our students to embrace and understand our school character values, while having a positive impact on our community?


Each month of the school year will be assigned a specific character value; there will be an overlap at the end of the year as there are 6 character values and 10 months in the school year. Teachers will work with their grade level partners to create one PBL project in the year. There will only be one grade assigned per month. Teachers will collaborate to create lesson plans for the other 9 months in any format they feel comfortable teaching the character value of that month. Teachers are open to create their own projects for the one month PBL project assignment. It is encouraged that teachers find an authentic audience outside of our school community. Each month will consist of 4, 1-hour blocks.

Weekly Collaboration time: Teachers will meet once a week, during morning assembly time to collaborate on their Flex Block planning. This is where teachers have a voice and choice about what they would like their students to accomplish, how they would like to plan and any other decision making that crucial for making the process successful.

Monthly Collaboration: Teachers and admin will meet once a month at the end of the month to accomplish the following:

  • Reflect on the month’s activities and collaboration time.
  • Share success stories about what worked and areas that need improvement.
  • Protocol and brainstorm ideas for the next month.
  • Bounce ideas off of admin and get feedback.


This project goes hand in hand with our school vision and mission. Values are something that form the core foundation of our school, our students, faculty and the community at large. Our staff, faculty and students work together to ensure developing a lifestyle and outlook that adhere to our core values & beliefs. The Mission statement of our school is: Creating a safe and healthy environment for quality education and heritage preservation.