Project Description


How can we provide families in our community with healthy, cost-effective meals?


Foods 12 students, in groups of 4, will be connected with families who have signed up to be food testers for a book of recipes that are budget-friendly, teenager-edible, healthy and doable for amateur cooks. The project will launch with a nutritionist visiting to speak to the class about balanced nutrition on a budget. Students will create a survey to send to participating families.  Students will plan dinners to test and cook for the families. they will be provided with grocery store gift cards, grocery shopping days and cooking days.  During the series of cooking days, students will test and revise their recipes. The students will then prepare a fine-tuned meal to be delivered to a participating family (or to church/community liaisons if the participants refer to remain anonymous). After final responses from the families, students will create an electronic version of the recipe to be included in a collection of “Teenageable” recipes.


This project provides students with the opportunity to meet the needs of both the students and the community by teaching them how to prepare healthy, cost-effective meals. Students are able to serve as stewards of their own bodies and money, as well as the health of their community.