Project Description


How does your life connect with God’s redemptive story?


We will research biblical literary devices and structures to increase understanding of how and why the books of the Bible are written a certain way and how they are written impacts their message and audience and purpose of writing. Then students will choose a book of the Bible and write a short essay explaining structure, theme, purpose and audience. Once the research process is done I will invite professional story tellers (videographers, social influences, artists, media and writers) into the class to offer assistance and expertise on how to effectively share stories through creative ways.  Students will then choose a style or medium to express their stories.  Once done they will share their personal stories to the class and then work together to create a video collaboration for a chapel presentation.


This project connects to the school mission by deepening the student’s biblical literacy, seeing themselves a part of God’s story and shaping their Christ-centered worldview. This project empowers them to share their stories with others in a meaningful way and connect their stories with others to share the redemption story God is writing in all of our lives.