Project Description


How can we create a garden of blessing?


Issue/Motivation: the grade 7/8’s are going on a SALTS trip this May. They need to fundraise $28,000 for their trip. I want our classroom to help with this. In Bible I will teach stewardship of the land:  Our school has an overgrown garden.  In September I’m going to do some preliminary work by clearing it out.  The kids will do a bit of weeding, and put the new soil in. In Math they are studying patterns, sequencing and addition. In late October the kids will neatly plant the tulip bulbs into the ground. Group work and collaborative opportunities will be as the kids find ways to organize the ground preparation and the planting of the bulbs. In Science the kids are studying how living things have features and behaviours that help them survive in their environment.  The kids will create a way to cover the garden for the winter. In Socials, they study careers and community helpers; they will look at farming and marketing. During the winter months they will work in groups to design the packaging of the planted pots (size, colors, covering). In English they are learning to write simple sentences to communicate effectively; they will also come up with a marketing campaign (posters, newsletters, school announcements, community newspaper). In the spring the kids will work collaboratively to harvest the bulbs and place them into the small pots (not cut flowers). I will take pictures of the garden as it grows so they can reflect on their accomplishment. Finally, the kids will put on the plant sale and work together to sell the flowers. All funds generated (above expenses) will be donated to the 7/8 field trip.


In this project, students will learn what it means to be good stewards not only of the land, but also of their resources.  They will also learn how to work together and see how their work benefits the community, primarily the older students who need to raise funds.  Hopefully this creates a sense of community, that we all support each other and help out where we can.