Project Description


How would I be a different person if I lived somewhere else?


Students will explore the driving question by exploring poetry and stories that have an emphasis on place to examine the ideas of how texts are geographically constructed and how both texts and geography impact identity. A field trip to a local First Peoples resource centre where the students learn about the connections between oral history, and place in First Peoples cultures is intended to spark inquiry within the students. In groups they will use literary analysis techniques to explore poems and stories relating to place and identity. Guest speakers representing different viewpoints will come into the classroom and provide the students with a variety of perspectives. Students will then begin composing a poem of their own making that shows the relationship between place and their own identity. Practicing performing this poem in front of their peers will then allow the students a chance to give each other feedback and make revisions in order to prepare them for their final performance to the greater community.


This project connects to our school’s mission of challenging students to be creative and grow, by pushing them outside of their comfort zone and by causing them to reflect on important matters like identity formation that they might not consider otherwise. It also helps them to practice acceptance and inclusiveness by learning about stories from a variety of backgrounds and cultures that might be different from their own, yet also showing the similarities they have. Providing them a chance to perform publicly allows for them to integrate and develop relationships with their local community.