Project Description


What damage can a little spark cause?


The students will begin with creating a “Fire Power” chart listing the ways that fire can be “harmful” or “helpful”, as well as what causes fires (natural, human activity) so the students realize that fire is not something to be feared. They will then discuss smoke covered skies, where it has come from, whether it is due to harmful or helpful fire, how they feel about it and if it has affected them in a personal way (health or cancelled outdoor plans). Students will hear stories from a firefighter, see pictures and videos of the effects of fire on humans, animals and the environment, as well as look through resources from the Environmental Protection Services. They will read novels from an animal’s perspective, as well as engage in a variety or writing activities such as journalling, research writing and creating their own story from an animal’s perspective of their home catching on fire. They will also use exit cards for reflection and feedback on the activities. As they write their animal story, from an animal’s perspective of their choice, they will engage in speed dating for initial feedback, as well as group sharing for final feedback before submission and presentation to another class. In groups, students will also create a written advertisement or oral message based around one central thought/idea for the BC Wildfire Agency, which will be sent to them upon completion.


Students will learn to respect nature and our environment, help raise awareness in the community about wildfires, as well as learn about their responsibility towards protecting our planet.