Project Description


How may we create a safe school for each student in our community?


The idea behind this group is to create a healthy community across grade levels. A mentor group has given ideas to the students for further study. Students will be in single gendered groups with two students from each grade level (6, 7, 8) and choose a chapter to go through.  Some of these are student-led and others are teacher-led, but both are using protocols. The project will start with the grade 8 students serving a pancake breakfast to the younger students in their group. This will be followed by intramurals, where their team is their group and will act as an ice-breaker. Throughout the year, authorities will come in and talk to the students about healthy living, being in community, restorative practices etc. Students will also reflect after every term or unit writing journals, doing exit cards, engaging in surveys etc.  Parents will also get a chance to express their views on how the project is going. Each group of 6 will create a video which highlights one theme that was integral to their personal growth by looking at the problem and addressing several potential solutions to it.  These will be shown to peers and incoming students.  One option is to have a girls viewing party and a boys viewing party


God created us to live our whole lives in community. Students will learn to be inclusive, gain a voice, apply restorative practices, and how to communicate and budget time. This entire project is about serving the community.