Project Description


How can surrendering make me a hero?


Before starting the project I will do a back to back, face to face protocol.  I will also have some teaching on surrender and watch a Ted Talk on heroes. We will be doing 3 mini projects within one project.  We will discuss what heroes and anti-heroes are – in the world and in the church.  Once we’ve established what our baseline is for a hero we will begin.  First, students will research a Hero of the Faith (their choice) by answering questions developed by the class.  They will bring the answers/research and an artifact about that person.  Second, they will think and choose a hero in their life to interview.  We will work together as a class to produce questions for the interview. Third, students will do a self-reflection answering the question “where am I a hero in my life?”. The end product will be a gallery walk with students choosing to enter one of the 3 mini projects.  I hope to have some of the student’s hero’s come for this event.


This project connects to our school’s mission to emphasize for the students that they were made on purpose for a purpose.  Students are getting the opportunity to look at past, present and future choices; they will explore how a life committed to Christ leaves a legacy.