Project Description


How does the Musqueam culture make me a better person?


In this project students will hopefully develop a respect and appreciation for the traditional Musqueam culture and life style. Students will research the history and lifestyle of the Musqueam band, and compare that to another culture of their choice. They will use primary source materials to learn about the experience and perspectives of different community members (e.g. indigenous people, members of their own culture or the culture of their choice). The launch event will be a field trip to the MOA (or the MCP). Students will explore the important aspects of the Musqueam culture. Then, students will read stories and online articles, interview different community members (both indigenous and their own), compare the traditional ways of different cultures and explore how wisdom is passed down by the elders of each group. Students will choose a positive aspect of the Musqeam culture and reflect on a way that they can apply that in their life. Students will transform the classroom into a Musqueam Longhouse, invite their parents and the primary grades for a walk through. They will create artifacts, ebooks or skits to show case their learning and teach what they have learned to the younger students (passing on knowledge orally).


Our school mission statement is “Preparing students for a life of transformation and service through excellent, Christ-centred education”. This project helps our students to identify, evaluate, respect and appreciate the cultures around us. Students grow in their ability to identify good qualities in every culture and how they are similar to the values emphasized in the Bible. Through reflection and real-life application, students’ habits and character can be transformed positively and be more Christ-like in the process.