Project Description


How can we increase the bee population in our local area and why would we want to do that?


A field trip to the Honeyview Bee Farm will be the entry event.  We will complete a KWL as a class.  Videos and movies (Magic School Bus, Curious George, The Cat in the Hat) will be used to generate interest and beginning knowledge of the topic of bees.  Students will conduct research about bees, using directed questions to direct their research. Guest Speakers from Urban Bee Supplies and Education will come and speak to the students about making a Mason Bee house.  Students will be coached beforehand on what questions they should ask to get the necessary information to build their own bee houses.  Students will use Back to Back, Face to Face protocol. Once the students have gathered information about the way to construct proper houses for bees, we will begin construction. Students will present their product to the Sustainable Resource class, and to their parents.  Students will donate bee houses to the Highroad Garden and to farms in the community.


This project allows our school to serve others by creating bee houses and gifting them to farmers in the community.  Attracting bees to the farms helps with crop production and pollination.  It helps the school community by contributing to the Highroad Garden and the students that put work and heart into making it productive.  Students will explore how the bee population decline is not just a problem at the local level, but is a global problem, through news articles and research.