Project Description


How can we make music come alive outside?


Students will discuss and design outdoor music spaces that the whole school can enjoy during recess and lunch times, as well as during other outdoor free activity times. Throughout the process, the grade 3 students will get feedback from other grade levels and staff members on what could be included in this project. The space(s) will include both hands on musical activities involving instruments, as well as the opportunity to observe and enjoy nature’s music (i.e. through wind or water).


The Outdoor Music Experience project will give students an opportunity to collaborate with their peers, and explore different subject areas within the music setting. In the process, they might discover an interest that they hadn’t previously considered. Students will serve each other by working together, sharing the responsibility of completing tasks, and respecting each other’s ideas along the way. The final product will be shared with the entire student body and will provide a musical experience for everyone. Ultimately, students will be given an opportunity to be Beauty Creators and God worshippers, while providing ways for everyone to make, enjoy and appreciate the gift of music outdoors.