Project Description


How can we become a recycling school?


Our class is going on a SALTS sailing trip at the end of the year which brought up the worry of if we would like to go sailing in a sea full of plastic. We don’t really have a functioning recycling system at school. Students will investigate what is in our garbage and what recycling bins we need. Students will research and implement an easy to use system in each class, that can be maintained by students. Students will educate younger grades on recycling practices.

In addition, students will investigate why our recycling doesn’t get picked up by the city.  By visiting the landfill and recycling centre they will seek to determine: Once recycled, where does it go? Why does it still end up in the ocean?  What is the solution? Ultimately, they will determine that plastic reduction and repurposing of recycled plastic is key. They will investigate different local uses of repurposing of recycled plastic that will lead to creating a video that creates awareness of plastic reduction at school and home.  Extra bonus is to use recycling as an income generator for our SALTS trip.


Our school theme for the year is “Being good neighbours”. God calls us to be good stewards of the Earth. Implementing an easy to use recycling system at our school will help students understand the importance of taking care of God’s creation and also what it means to be a good neighbour. Sharing awareness of a global problem will encourage students to motivate their families to reduce plastic and really think about what waste they produce.