Project Description


How can we reflect Jesus by being a co-creator with him?


Students will research, explore and design a Creative Studio Space within our classroom to be used by themselves and guest classes throughout the year to Co-Create with Jesus.

Through study of the Creation Story (Genesis 1-3) and Bezalel and Oholiab (Genesis 31) students and teacher will explore what it means to be made in God’s image as co-creators with Him, and God’s purposes in this facet of humanity and explore the various avenues in which we can do this.  Students will research and explore the elements needed in a Creative Studio Space. Through group work children will design a layout for the space and decide corporately how to combine these ideas and then implement them in the classroom. Students will brainstorm resources needed and collaborate with staff and families to provide these resources. Students will explore what class culture is most conducive to Creativity, Safety, Failure and Celebration and role play ways to create a Safe, Risk Encouraging, Celebratory Culture.

Students will present their completed space to Principal and Vice Principals through a tour, presentation of their designs and journal entries discussing the highlights and challenges of the process.


Creating and using a design studio in our classroom (and beyond) invites children to develop Biblical understanding of God’s beauty and purpose in creating humans, and to respond to His invitation to Co-Create with Him. Students and teacher will continually develop the ability to collaborate, listen to others, serve the community and develop mathematical (geometric, special) design skills, while creating a shared space for the use of the class and other classes on campus, bringing God glory through our work and play.