Project Description


How can we improve the level of safety along our school’s street?


Students will view the speed of traffic on our street and come up with ways that they can help motorists slow to the legal driving speed through a school zone.  Using Science and Math, they will collect vehicle velocity data to show evidence to support their ideas.  A visit from the RCMP to discuss vehicle/pedestrian safety and some data collection will engage students and help them to create some short-term change.  Students will also learn to use a speed gun accurately and make a graph of their data.  Students will write letters to the Editor of the local newspaper to inform the community of the need for change.  How to make a presentation to the local City Council will be researched.  Students will request time during a Council Meeting to make presentations they create based on the solutions they generated.


This project will help our students to serve the greater community by making it safer.  It allows students to use their abilities to make a positive change.  It will give them skills that they could use in the future as they learn how local government works.