Project Description


How can your passion be shared through a documentary?


Students will be choosing any appropriate topic they want to share.  It could be something, someone, or a brand new topic they always wanted to dive into but never had the time.  By the end, they will be making a 5-8 minute self-narrated video documentary that will be readily available online to students and parents.  Grade 11 students will be viewing these documentaries as well, and, as the Grade 8’s transition into high-school, the hope is that there is a connection between a Grade 12 and Grade 9 student (the following year) that brings about a welcoming and inclusive approach.  With the documentaries, they will be voted upon online and the “best” will be showcased during the school’s “Oscar Night”.


The idea is that this fosters the opportunity to serve others as the senior students intentionally discover and connect with students of similar passions, so that the “experienced” can befriend and include the “new”.