Project Description


How can “I” use my gifts and talents to have a positive influence on others?


Students will explore the places in their lives where they can be an influence for positive support or even change in the world (their world).  Through an eight week process, students will – choose a place of influence (who will they influence, how will they be a positive influence, how they will measure growth, success and or failure.)  Students will set goals, plan (establish a timeline) and report bi-weekly using a reflective journal on the process/progress.  Midway through the assignment students will report/share with a small group in class – checking in to see how they are doing and how close they are to meeting some of their goals.  This is a place where they will have a chance to revise, edit and receive peer feedback (kind, specific and helpful feedback).   Finally, students will present their learning to a person in their life that has had a positive influence on them.   They will then complete a final reflection/short write-up on this last process.


Students are engaged in an activity that encourages them to consider how they are influenced by others and how they can have an influence on others.  This connects to our mission statement – equipping students to discover their gifts and developing discernment.  It integrates our worldview and high value of service where there is a real need.  The heart of the project is serving others and learning about how this creates a meaningful experience for both the person serving and the person being served.