Project Description


What is my role as Christian neighbour after studying a film and a Q & A period?


Students will choose a film, which is part of the Vancouver International Film Festival, with a controversial theme that they will study while mastering the ability to critique in the target language.  They will be encouraged to own a moral standpoint on these issues and to be fair and civil peer editors at various parts of the process.  They will be given time to reflect on what they see in the films from a cultural French speaking lens and how it changes us to look through a different worldview given that the films’ themes are very much a part of our own Faith and of our own community.


Our project connects to our school’s mission in that it hopes to create an expanded worldview of who we are as young Christians and who is our neighbour in a world that is bigger than just their own.  We will strive to use our hard-earned skills in language to dialogue through a lens that may be different.  We will support each other in difficult times, as we are all at different places of embracing notions of reconciliation and forgiveness.  We will act with utmost respect in pursuing knowledge on these issues from persons of authority or expertise that we choose to question.  We will strive to respect all points of view and embrace the challenge of never hiding from controversies that affect us and our neighbour.