Project Description


How will you survive “The Big One”?


Students will explore the theory of plate tectonics and events of geological significance as they create their final product: an earthquake preparation plan. They will use the knowledge they gain about our region, tectonics, topographic maps, and First People’s knowledge of geographical events to inform the decisions they make in creating their own emergency plan. Scaffolding experiences will be provided to prepare students to conduct and apply their research to this real-life task. They will be required to reflect regularly through the use of exit cards and double entry journals as they prepare for the final presentation. They will be given opportunities to present to their peers as they learn to be co-researchers throughout this process. Students will present their plan to a group of persons their project is directed to (e.g. School Crisis Team if students chose to write a plan for the school, parents for the home, etc.) in addition to their classmates. Throughout the project, students will be challenged to think about how we as humans can prepare for disaster while simultaneously placing our trust in the God who is sovereign over all.


The deep hope in this is that students see that while there are things in this world that may be cause for fear, we can instead prepare well and with the rest put our faith in Christ. The final project creates a potential opportunity for students to provide a well thought out emergency plan for their residence.