Project Description


Create a challenging coded treasure hunt for another group of students to solve.


Using the mathematical concepts of  ratio, scale and volume, students will design and create lock-boxes to use in a coded lock-box treasure hunt. In groups of 4, students cooperate to create the box, as well as a series of mathematical codes and clues that allow students from a different class to locate their hidden box and unlock it.  The students will also create a story to go along with their codes that provide hints as to how they can be solved. The treasure hunts are all done by all classes on the same day.


During this unit students will have the chance to support and affirm one another while they are designing their challenge. The purpose of the unit is to create a product not for oneself, but to create a fun and challenging activity that can be served to a different set of students for them to enjoy.  From this service the students will learn that serving others results in both parties benefit and enjoyment.