Project Description


Should BC build the Site C dam?


As part of the Science curriculum on energy, students will consider the ramifications of building a dam across the Peace River. Students will be taught about energy: it’s ability to be transformed, input/output and conservation. Dams, or the study of them, covers all these areas of study. The driving question will help students dig deeper into the conservation part. Before the project, students need to have a capability of writing/debating skills and mapping skills. They will start the project with a trip to the Stave Lake Powerhouse as well as possibly have a guest speaker from BC Hydro. They will research the pros and cons, determining the benefits of the dam and what will be lost and/or gained. They will have a debate and create protest posters taking on various groups involved in and opposed to the project. Their final project will be a “before and after” 3D model of the valley and dam.


Students will realize that what we want and need has an impact on God’s creation and his creatures (animal, plants, humans). They will learn the importance of earth keeping: to care and develop God’s creation.