Project Description


Why is it such a struggle to bring healing/restitution/restoration when we have wronged someone?


Who is my neighbour?  Through studying the history around WWII and the treatment of Japanese Canadians students will gain a better understanding of what happened and the wrongs that were committed.  Using Matthew 5, Deuteronomy 10 and Luke 10 as their texts, students will learn to value diversity and develop an awareness and take responsibility for their social environment for the benefit of others in their community.  The will conclude by writing a letter to their MP, creating a children’s story book outlining the lessons learned or designing a small (4″x8″) 3D collage.


God calls us to be justice seekers and to restore all peoples as image reflectors of God.  Students need to reset and restore all peoples that received injustice (from lack of tolerance or understanding) due to race or cultural differences.