Project Description


Can you take an innovation used today and trace its roots back to either Europe or Asia during 1100-1550?


To start off the students will look at a collection of cell phones from the last 10 years and we will have a discussion about how the most recent model evolved from the previous model. We will discuss all the innovations that make up the cell phone- telephone, computers, cameras, timer, video recorder, plastic… The next step will have students brainstorm innovations that are used in our community (we will have to discuss what an innovation is). We will then group the innovations into groups such as medical, production, technological, household, arts, and so on. Once we have the groups students will then put their name on a group that interests them (and perhaps the innovation in that group). From here we can work on deciding on who will pair up with who to research and come up with a backwards timeline of the evolution of the innovation. The pairs will then decide how they want to show the evolution, they do not have to create a linear (backwards) timeline. Protocols will be used throughout the project. The students will also have to come up with their check in schedule. Projects will then be displayed in the classroom.


By understanding where various items originated, students will hopefully gain an appreciation for the evolution of inventions and the amount of work that goes into each item.