Project Description


How and why should we protect our local animals?


Students will ignite their love for animals through this wildlife conservation project. After a school visit from a local wildlife expert (OWL Rehab or Urban Safari), students work in groups to pick a local endangered species of wildlife to launch into their conservation inquiry project. Teams will research elements of their chosen animal, including adaptations, habitats, reasons for endangerment, and conservation efforts. Learning opportunities will come through the form of virtual interviews with local experts, a field trip to Burnaby Wildlife Rescue, and in-class research using school tools (library, laptops, iPads). Teams will create a final product of their choice (ex. brochure, public service announcement, poster, Google Slides), to present their findings to their class. Teams will follow up with a fundraiser to sponsor their chosen endangered animal through World Wildlife Fund.


This project connects to our school’s core values, as it encourages students to demonstrate faithful stewardship of resources and relationships, care for all aspects of God’s creation, cultivate critical thinking and foster creativity and intellectual curiosity.  It also encourages service opportunities by cleaning up local beach or park and financially sponsoring a local endangered species of wildlife.