Project Description


What would the world look like with no fresh water?


Working with small groups, students will turn our classroom into a Water Gallery to demonstrate the wonders of water through a water story.  The story will include elements of the wonders of water, the practicality of water, the conservation of water and the problems of lacking water. The Water Gallery will be held on our Water Theme Day.  The students will advertise and invite our school community to the event (students, staff, parents, families).  This event will be a fundraising opportunity ($1 admission) for students to raise money for an organization (ie. Run for Water – Clean Water for Ethiopia).


Using Colossians 1:16-17 as the basis, students will learn that all things have been created and are continually sustained by God and that he has entrusted the care of the world to us as our responsibility.  They will also consider Phillipians 2:3-4 and see the value of putting others above themselves, looking out for the interest of others.