Project Description


How much do creative choices and the creative process influence a performance?


In collaboration with a local theatre company or university theatre department, we will select an upcoming production of theirs to study and select scenes from.  We will forge a connection with the actors involved in the upcoming production.  As we begin our own process of character exploration and scene development, students will have the opportunity to dialogue with the actors from the upcoming production.  We will attend at least one of the company’s rehearsals, dialogue with actors throughout our rehearsal process via Skype, email, and texting; invite the actors to view our final scene performances, and eventually attend the company’s performance with a talkback with the director and crew following the show.  Throughout the process, the students will be encouraged to be intentional and mindful of their own creative choices and how they compare to the choices made by the other actors and/or director.


This project encourages students to make bold creative choices and to be able to articulate the rationale for their choices.  It requires them to reflect deeply on their stage work and to lovingly critique the work of others.  These communication and critical thinking skills transcend all disciplines and are an important part of students being able to decipher and convey the elements of their own faith.